Friday, 21 February 2014

Vision Loikka - Out of box first impressions

I just bought a new pair of wading boots and decided on the Vision Loikka boots with the Gummi and Stud sole option. They also are available in felt soles and the Gummi sole without the studs. I chose the Gummi and Stud configuration, because I will need the boots for various situations. I think the studs might help the longevity of the the Gummi sole, however this theory will need to be tested.

I plan to review these boots over the next two year and keep you updated on the wear and tare of the boot. I will also report on the performance of the sole on different surfaces and in different situations.

As a first impression the features I noticed about the boots are:

  • They are light weight;
  • Limited stitching;
  • It has a rubber layer that protects the front part of the boot;
  • The sole is raised in the front to cover half of the toe point; 
  • There is neoprene webbing at the shoe laces that will hopefully keep out any gravel; and
  • The tungsten stud protrude slight further than the Gummi sole.
Over the next year I will be testing the boots at several venues and I will give short report back on the performance of the soles and how they grip on different surface. My first trip will be in Lesotho where will be hiking short distances with the boot and also do some wet wading crossing the river. I will also be wading with the boot if I have to nymph or fish dries in pocket water.

My aim is to test the boots under the following criteria and rate them from 0-5:
  • Comfort;
  • Feet protection (ankle support and toe protection);
  • Sole grip (I will break this down into different surfaces);
  • Sole durability;
  • Exterior material durability;
  • Lacing System durability;
  • Interior material durability;
  • Weight;
  • Price (Value for money);
  • Longevity;
I will give you feedback on the above mentioned categories every sixth months for the next two year. Please feel free to ask any questions and also suggest any additional criteria.

Vision Loikka - Gummi and Stud
Side View - Notice the Rubber Layer

Gummi Sole over the the tip

Close-up of the Gummi and Stud sole

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