Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Fundamental Flytying “Tackle the Hackle” with Gordon van der Spuy

In this fly tying DVD, a first of a series, Gordon van der Spuy and Charles Stewart explore the fundamental techniques and materials necessary to tie some well known and effective fly patterns.
Enjoy this easy to follow DVD, made for fly tiers by fly tiers, and be taken on an entertaining and insightful journey into this fantastic world of feather craft. The DVD covers the  following fly patterns in 90 minutes:
• Dragon Fly Nymph
• Pheasant Tailed Nymph (PTN)
• Woolly Bugger
• Dubbed Mayfly Nymph
• Adams
• Spent Spinner
• Klinkhammer
• DDD (Duckworth’s Dargle Delight)

The techniques covered in the DVD will leave you well armed to tackle most basic fly tying patterns needed to tie and fish your own flies.

Please see my full review at: Flyloops.net

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