Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Weird Creatures - Braam's Place

On 6 May 2012, A friend and I visited Braam's Place next to Garsfontein Road (See map below):

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The venue is suitable for beginners and fishing is quite dependent on when the dams where last stocked. Due to this fact it is wise to phone the owner Braam Swart at 083 250 4029 before a visit. The dams are usually stocked with fairly big Rainbow and Golden Trout around 1.5 kg to 2.5 kg fish, they also contain some Largemouth Bass around 500 g.

I managed to catch a rainbow trout in the top dam (refer to map at the bottom) on a white salty bugger on a slow retrieve with an intermediate line. 

Top Dam with Lapa and Braai Area 
Rainbow Trout on White Salty Bugger
About a half an hour later my friend managed to catch a Largemouth Bass that was lying next to the bank in the second top dam (refer to map at the bottom)

My friend's Bass
I managed to catch another two Largemouth Bass in the bottom left dam (refer to map at the bottom) on a brown foam hopper where after the fishing became quiet. 

First fish on Hopper

Second fish on Hopper
I headed back to the top dam and tried the white salty bugger again it was not long before I added another two species to the list...but unfortunetly they did not belong to the fish family... A crab and a platanna (African clawed frog) grabbed my fly with gusto! 

Crab on Fly!

Platanna on Fly!

A map of the day's events:

View Braam's Place in a larger map

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