Tuesday, 13 March 2012

All seasons in one day - Foam Hopper delivers at the end

So on Saturday my girlfriend and I headed down to Vaal Streams. She tested out her new rod and reel, and I experimented with some Czech nymph rigs. In the morning it was quite cold and the fish had some serious lock jaw. I spotted some carp, grass carp and some big yellows in the shallows during the morning, but could not manage any of them to take a fly. By mid-morning it was scorching hot and humid, with some clouds forming, a sign that the afternoon thunder showers where heading our way

Lunch time we headed back to the car and I met a fellow angler on the bank. We swapped some fisherman stories and discussed why the fish where not biting. After a long lunch and rest I was determined to get a fish before the end of the day. I headed to my favourite spot on this stretch of river and started casting some dry flies in the slower flows. After about an hour I switched to a small foam hopper with reddish brown legs, I made repeated casts to some rising fish and eventually I was rewarded with a little yellow. The weather during this time was deteriorating fast. A storm was approaching and after the first lighting I decided to call it a day!
Smallmouth that fell to the Brown Foam Hopper!
Little Brown Foam Hopper that saved the day!


  1. Some days the fishes are hard!

    But, nice yellow.